"B" Type Autoclave

"B"type autoclave in full compliance with EN 13060. E9 INSPECTION® manages 5 B class sterilization cycles (1210 C, 1340 C, 1340 C Prion, 1340 C Rapido, 1340 C Prion Rapido) and 3 control tests (Vacuum, Helix and Bowie&Dick). The Process Controller with its LCD display works as a real assistant for use of the machine. Giving clear info about process, safety, maintenance and programming functions. Complete with 4 aluminium trays and reversible support which allows the use of 3 locking trays. Sterilization chamber forged in stainless steel certified PED. Capacity 18 and 24 litres. The upper tank group can be inspected in all its parts. The large cover can be removed, thus making it possible to clean the tank compartment completely, follow a maintenance program and safeguard the efficiency of the machine.

  • Large multi language liquid-crystal display integrated in the control panel
  • Integrated steam generating group in order to guarantee a sterilization process with a higher quality of the steam.
  • Water Outgas System which limits the presence of incondensable gases (i.e. carbon dioxide) in the water used. It guarantees a higher quality of steam and, therefore, more reliable sterilization.
  • Integrated thermal paper printer.
  • Serial port for printer and external memory.

Optional: AQUAFILTER deionizer, E-MEMORY SYSTÉM – external memory

        Technical specification:
18 l /24 l
450x445x610 mm
Weight ( empty tank or chamber):
40, 79 kg / 42,11
Weight on base: (full tank or chamber with max. load) 
3,07 kg /cm2
Síťový kmitočet:
50 Hz
Absorbovaný proud: 230 W 10 A


Deionizer able to reduce the minerals present in the water

Aquafilter produces excellent deionized water for autoclaves and other devices as well. The specific conductance of the water is according to the value suggested by EN 13060 norm (Iess than 15 I.JS/cm). But the real commodity of Aquafilter lies above all in the intuitiveness of the use and in the possibility to be directly installed to the water supply system of the studiuo and to he E9 INSPECTION®

Optional kit: water gun for Aquafilter



Technical specification:

  • Weight: 5,3 kg
  • Measures: 320 x 415 x 180 mm


          External memory


External memory for data saving and management of all sterilization cycles and tests carried out with E9 InspectionŹ. The values are then transferred to a PC (through a USB port) and thanks to its own software, they can then be managed, printed or forwarded by e- mail. Every dental practice can personalize the report with header, graphic logo and persona/ data.

Kit contents: data logger, holder, USB cable, software cd rom, instruction manua/ and warranty.


Water distiller 



Water distiller which permits to obtain distilled water by bowling and subsequent condensation of the steam.. It passes the safety and electromagnetic kompatibility and low voltage tests.

Technical specification:
Output: 700 ml destilované vody/hod.
Capacity: 4 l
Elektromagnetic Compatibility: 89/336/EEC
Voltage: 73/23/EEC
Measures: 230 x 360 mm


Electronic thermosealing machine 


Continuous cycle and sealing at uniform temperature. The welding lever, ergonomic and safe, is located frontally to simplify the sealing surgical packages and to redukce the overall dimensions of the machina for easy fitting in standard sterillization room cabinets. The metal roll-locking bar is designed to improve machina performance, holding the roll permanently still and inside the welding area. The smooth surfaces and ergonomic design allow easy machina clearing, increasing safety and ease of use.

Optional: Metric table for Euroseal 2001 Plus

Technical specification: 
Measures: 445x198x385 mm (‘ x v x h)
Weight: 7,6 kg
Sealing Band: 12 mm
Sealing Area: 310 mm


Sterilization rolls 


 Sterilization rolls made of heavy weight (60g/m2) white medical paper coupled with a light blue polyester/polypropylene layer. Three sided weldings with impermeable and uniform canals for the highest microbe protection. The changing chemical colour indicators verify the sterilization process by steam or EtO gas (ethylene oxide). Appropriate peelin without the realease of paper fibros or laceration of the film at the moment of opening the packaging. In full compliance ith 93/42/EEC and EN 868-1.

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